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DAMBO Fishing is established August 17, 2018, currently engaged in selling fishing equipment based on online stores. DAMBO's Fishing motive is to make sure all fishing equipment in Indonesia is always available, from cities to remote villages so that they can support one of the sports categories in Indonesia to advance.

Heri Pebrianto, Founder and CEO of DAMBO Indonesia revealed his desire to see all sports in Indonesia progress, one of which is fishing. "I want to see all the sports in our country going forward like other countries, one of which is fishing," he explained. He also added that in order to make it happen there must be supporting instruments and qualified quality. "Need supporting instruments, namely the provision of complete and quality equipment," he added.

Then from the commercial side, Heri believes that Indonesia as one of the largest populated countries in the world and very consumptive, not reluctant to spend deeply to just channel this hobby of sports. Plus from the geographical side of Indonesia which consists of islands, 30% is water so the wider the business opportunities. "I see that there is a commercial potential for this industry, there are around 250 million more Indonesians and consumptive, they are not reluctant to spend deeply for hobbies. Then geographically this Indonesia 30% island nation is water, so it is increasingly wide open for the fishing industry, "said the man who likes Graphic Design.

DAMBO's Fishing vision is to become one of the largest suppliers of fishing gear in Indonesia that sells quality fishing products.

DAMBO's Fishing commitment is: First, the supply of quality fishing rod products with the best materials in its class, so that it has competitiveness and of course meets the tastes of customers. Second, the spirit of culture serves the warmest of all customers and builds good relations with each customer. Third, to maintain product quality and good service, DAMBO Fishing has a Research and Development (R & D) team that will carry out quality control.

The DAMBO Fishing Werehouse is currently in the city of Madiun. In the future, to improve service to customers, DAMBO Fishing opens showrooms in other areas. The closest targets are in the northern city of Madiun, Ngawi, and Ponorogo. So you can come to see the DAMBO Fishing collection products directly.

DAMBO Fishing